This 'P' symbol on top right of profile icon in title bar of MS Teams?

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Hi, can anyone tell me what this 'P' is on the top right of my profile icon?




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Thanks a lot! It was bugging me not knowing what it was. Although I don't remember ever signing up for this. Strange.
It can only be done by a Teams admin so reach out to that person for confirmation.

@AbhijitN Your admin will have enabled it via a policy, but the choice is then yours to enable / disable it in your Teams client.


Thanks Rob! That was useful.
Great... I clicked on "Public Preview" to see if there was options... Teams restarted and now its gone.
Developer Preview and Public Preview disappeared. How do I get these back?
try signing out of the app and signing back in.
No go.. They are sill gone.
check that public preview is still allowed for you in policy (IT will need to check that)

@Rob Ellis 

I have not rebooted the laptop or restarted Teams since last week. I use teams all day, everyday and its always open on my second screen.
I have had Developer preview since last year.

The "P" just showed up today.... I clicked on about > and it showed:


I then clicked on Public preview to see what options it had, but it instantly restarted teams and I now have nothing below "Third  party notice (web)"  and the "P" is gone from pic.

I find it odd that it did this automatically at some point, and started showing the Public Preview without restarting..... and that my policy was suddenly changed..  Lol

Weird that a user and click this off, but cant turn it on without ITs help... 

I signed up for Public Preview about a week and a half..... ago


@BrianJ1962 Just click Developer Preview.  It seems they are linked together.

@Thomas_Johnson Thanks, but I lost the Developer preview at the same time. I do not have the options anymore.