There is a problem with the gif that microsoft team renders on the computer.

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send gif from menu


exported gif not working
but if copying and resubmitting


gif will work normally.
This problem occurs on corporate computers.

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@palmm1620 Could you explain the problem and what you are doing a bit more. What's wrong with the GIF?

@Steven Collier I'm getting a problem with the gif not moving. From what I've checked, this issue occurs on the policy side of the organization. Now I still can't fix it because I still can find the exact cause of the problem.

@palmm1620 I would expect that you have a firewall somewhere that's blocking a site under * ? The thumbnail comes from somewhere else but the gif comes from a CDN type pace that's under the skype domain, I've often seen clients that are blocking that domain.

The best way to show this is to use Fiddler to capture a request, you should see a request without response.