Teams Webinars Email Invitation goes to spam

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We are starting to Use teams Webinars internally.

  • We have created the webinar - all good
  • Sent the invites (with registration link) - all good
  • Customers and internal clients get an email notification when they register from ,email address removed for privacy reasons> which goes into users spam/junk - NOT GOOD


Without asking every customer to add this to safe lists etc, is there a way to make this come from an address that is not detected as Spam?


Anyone else got advice on this one?



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You may want to check your DKIM records and make sure they are set up correctly.
Also check to see if you are on any black lists.
And most importantly, does your seminar invite look like spam?
Remember, it may not look like spam to you, but it may be someone elses explicit definition of spam