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I saw the Office 365 Message Center note today about Teams rolling out the use of tags to ping multiple users at once based on role, dept, etc. Is there any talk of allowing tags to be based on an organization's O365 groups to keep management of this in a central location?

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Don’t think so but can you give me an example! Not really sure what you mean


Hi @adam deltinger - for example, we have an Accounting O365/distribution group that we add new Accounting employees to as we on-board. It'd be nice to have anyone in that O365 Accounting group already assigned an "Accounting group" tag in Teams. 

AFAIK not for now, but I’ve brought it up to the product team before!

Go vote on/ create this feature on uservoice:

@morghandc the tags are within a Team, so it wouldn't really work as the people you added to a group might not be part of that team. At the moment tags are meant to be a lightweight way for a team owner to create some structure without the need for IT.

This would be a great feature for global teams.

@morghandc - I've created a suggestion for this very thing


Hopefully MS take notice