Teams status issue

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I noticed that All-day calendar events change Teams status to Busy, even when I've marked them Private and "Show as Free" in Outlook.


I think this is very confusing since many people choose to mark travel or other important dates (birthdays, anniversaries etc.) as All-day events.


The Teams staus can be manually set to available, but who really remembers?

Please vote if you recognize the issue!

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Last I tested this it doesn’t do this long as the “Show as” is set properly. Are you sure while testing you switched it to a free status and didn’t give it enough time to update? It polls hourly so you have to give it time before it’ll self change to a normal status.

Thank you @Chris Webb for your comment. Let me runs some more tests to see if I can identify what we're doing differently. Would be great if this is not a bug, just a "user issue".


@Chris Webb you are right. I did a few new tests, and it is indeed true that the status is correct, even though there is a significant lag before Teams react to changes in Outlook details. Problem solved!