Teams Status Changes During Meetings

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While in an active meeting that I'm participating in, if I don't touch Teams for a period of time, my status changes to 'Away' (which is not the case), then switches back to 'In Meeting' when I perform any type of navigation inside of Teams.


I confirmed with our company support team that this is expected behavior, but Microsoft hasn't offered any clarification on their reasoning for this behavior.  It should at least be configurable. 


The way it functions now seems to be an odd user experience and misleading to others when attempting to contact you via Teams.

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I have the exact same experience. I think it is expected behavior, but the logic around that feature is seriously diluted. @Derek Newton 

Hi @Derek Newton,

you can find more information here:
"Your current presence state changes to Away when you lock your computer or when your computer enters idle or sleep mode."
I think that the "Away" status simply overrides the "In a meeting state".

Hi @DimitriR, The computer going into idle 'might' be the issue. I'll look at Windows Power Settings to see if increasing the settings makes a difference. Thanks!
Perfect, might be a good place to start. Let us know if you resolve ;)

@DimitriR Changing the power mode didn't help.

@Derek Newton I had the same experience. Changing power settings, didn't effect anything.
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Hi @Derek Newton,

thanks for coming back with your results.
I have done some testing myself and this is my experience: when I don't work on Teams although Teams is running in the background and I work on my computer, the status will be changed to Away after 5/10 minutes automatically.

A workaround that I've found, when in a call, is to minimize Teams (it gets displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen).

Alternatively, you can try and set a "duration" for a specific status (see attachment).

I hope this works for you.

Hi @DimitriR While I agree setting the duration is a excellent workaround, I still think that Teams should show if your in a meeting when you're actually in a meeting and not navigating inside of teams during that meeting. For the time being, I'll use the workaround. Thanks for that suggestion!

No problem @Derek Newton, glad I could help. Hopefully this Teams behaviour will be modified in future updates.