Teams Spell Check Just Stops Working

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Recently, I’ve had an issue with the spell check. It has stopped working which means that when I write, it no longer underlines the misspelled words. I have tried everything to fix this:


  • I have uninstalled/reinstalled Teams numerous times. I even deleted all the data in %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams
  • After I reinstall, the spell check works but then it stops working all of a sudden with hours. I don’t know what is causing it not to work but it just seems to stop for no reason. I look in Settings |General and keyboard language is set for English United States and Enable spell check is checked. Even if you uncheck, restart app and check again, it makes no difference.

    Teams version: (64-bit) - Windows 11

Screenshot 2023-03-30 162857.png

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@RickMeister I have the exact same issue. Please let me know if you figure out this mess. I'll do the same. Thank you. Regards, Ange

This continues to be a problem on (64-bit).

I can get it to come back by clearing the Team's cache, but then 1/2 through the day it stops working again,
Same issue.

@RickMeister did you resolve this problem. I have the exact same issue, which just started out of nowhere.