Teams rpm package rewriting the system's repository settings

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I was baffled by for some time, that my systems' repo settings revert from time to time, but only the teams repo.
I found out that there is an ugly post-install script in the teams rpm package.


Although I don't like teams at all to put it lightly, my employer mandates it, and so I am somewhat grateful that it is also packaged in rpm. Skype for Business didn't had any way of running on linux, so it's a step forward. Screen sharing doesn't work on wayland from the app at all (because packaged Electron is ages old), leaks a ton of memory, and all the gripes, you now them. But I am not here because of those.



A package MUST NOT ALTER REPO SETTINGS, except in some rare, special circumstances*.
It is a blatant disregard of the admin. If I want to rename the teams repo to "Awesome Chat app's repo" (or the opposite), it SHALL stay renamed as such and not revert back after every teams update. Or I choose to disable repo's autorefresh, or change its priority.

Currently this behaviour is mostly harmless in fact.
But the lack of respect (to the system) by the package being installed to is very alarming!
It is abusing the temporary elevated privileges of system-wide installation, and sneakily does things it shouldn't.
If I install a linux package, it SHALL NOT put it's dirty hands on the repo configs, similarly as If I attach new computer to a network, it SHALL NOT one-sidedly reconfigure the routers/switches present. A guest shall not rearrange my living room, a paper mail shall not repaint my mailbox, I can come up with analogies all day. I think you get it.


Either a beginner was responsible for packaging who (so mistakenly) thought that this thing is a good idea, or: a seasoned somebody, who deliberately wanted to overturn the admin of every computer Teams get installed to through rpm. I hope it was the first.

Please, remove the postinstall script from the rpms. Maybe the intention WAS that you should autmatically get updates even if you downloaded the rpm though your browser.
It WAS a bad idea, at least in this implementation.


* e.g.: during linux distro version update, a metapackage could be used for migrating a repo that has been split to two in the new distro release.

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@kszegi_mediso  Thanks for the feedback - you might want to make it "official" by creating an item in the Teams Feedback Portal, and others can vote on it there as well.