Teams Rooms in Admin Center: Health status not accurate

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Dear all, 

we got some MTRs running in our tenant, everything is working quite smooth! Unfortunately we got the problem that the device health status in Teams Admin Center is not accurate. For one device it shows a *critical* health status as an old  error from about two weeks ago is still on. The device is up and running completeley fine and the Logitech Device Console (Logitech Sync) shows everything is ok. Does anybody have an idea on how to reset what is shown in Teams Admin Center? "Refresh Details" is not working... :(


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Hello Markus,
I feel your pain. There are quite some quirks in the TAC regarding MTRs. The behaviour you described is one of them. It looks like it's getting better slowly but steadily, so looks like we need to wait this out...

@Harald_Steindl I Have critical messages from months ago which will not clear regarding speakers and microphones when they are in fact working perfectly. Not sure why this cant refresh itself and clear the error

Has anyone had any success resolving this issue as I have the same problem.....
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@David_Carswell the only way I could get this resolved was to do a restart on the kits from within 365 teams admin (wait for success) and then login to the nuc and restart windows separately. Also supported meeting mode I had to change Sign in Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams to just Microsoft Teams only as that started showing errors

Thank you - I will give that a try