Teams Room System Autopilot deployment does not work - Error Code: 6, 0x80180014

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We are attempting to deploy our Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) systems, some of which are already in use, using Windows Autopilot in self-deploying mode. Despite following the official guide, we keep encountering errors.



Device: Certified Intel NUC, previously in use.

Installation: Windows 11 Pro installed.

Autopilot Import: Device imported into Autopilot.

Group Assignment: GroupTag "MTR-ConsoleName" assigned.

Dynamic Group: Device appeared in the Dynamic MTR group.

Assignments: Deployment Profile and ESP (Enrollment Status Page) assigned.

Teams Room Update App: Deployed via Intune, assigned to the MTR group, and integrated into the ESP.

LAPS: Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) is active.

Teams Rooms Pro Console: Device appeared and was assigned to a resource account with a Teams Room Pro license.

Error Description:

After the setup process, we consistently encounter an error during device registration for mobile management:


Error Code: 6, 0x80180014

Attempts to resolve the issue:


Deleted the device completely from Intune and Autopilot and re-added it.

Created a custom Device Restriction Policy to allow all devices in the group.

Additionally, during one attempt where the error did not occur, Teams failed to set up automatically.



Why does error 6, 0x80180014 occur during device registration for mobile management?

Are there specific requirements or settings beyond the official guide that need to be considered?

What steps can be taken to ensure that Teams sets up automatically when the registration error does not occur?


We aim to ensure that the MTR systems are smoothly deployed via Autopilot in self-deploying mode and that Teams sets up automatically. Thank you for your support!Teams Room System Autopilot deployment does not work - Error Code: 6, 0x80180014

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