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Just setup some new Windows (IoT) based Yealink VC Kit devices with Users with Teams Room pro licenses.


Basically everything OK except the devices will not check Windows Compliance with Intune / Conditional Access. Our Compliance policy is basic (Checks Firewall and AV Status) but for these devices sits at Not Evaluated.


I think the reason for this is that we cannot actually login to the devices as the users due to the license being a rooms license therefore the Compliance will never be checked as this needs a user to login to check compliance and the device just uses a local user when logging in.


I've checked these articles and our setup complies but cannot get it to check compliance


Conditional Access and compliance best practices for Microsoft Teams Rooms - Microsoft Teams | Micro...


Supported Conditional Access and Intune device compliance policies for Microsoft Teams Rooms - Micro...


Any help getting this to work would be massively appreciated as cannot figure it out

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We have the same problem; Conditional Access with a grant on ‘Require device to be marked as compliant’ does not work. Device information is not visible in the logging. We follow the installation procedure with a provisioning package as the proposed solution by @Andres Gorzelany  (Enrolling Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Microsoft Commu...).  This is the correct way to deploy a MTRoW device, but it does not solve the CA problem.

We have a case with Microsoft since November, but there's no solution so far.

@dmenlinea have you found a working solution?


Ist there really no resolution? We have this issue with Surface Hubs.

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