Teams reverting to old version on MacOS

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There is an old discussion on this topic, but the solutions there do not help solve my issue.


Almost every morning Teams will have quit itself and when I re-open it an old version has been re-installed. I have no idea where it is coming from, but I have constantly removed all references to Teams that I can find.


The version it keeps reverting to is I have installed both and and the reversion still happens.


I ran `sudo find / -type d -name "*Teams*" -print 2>/dev/null` from Terminal to search for all references to MS Teams on my machine and ended up removing the following directories:


rm -rf /Applications/Microsoft
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Teams
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams 
rm -rf /private/var/folders/qn/8x0qv4616tx8p28q08rl2jhm0000gp/T/Teams
rm -rf /private/var/folders/qn/8x0qv4616tx8p28q08rl2jhm0000gp/T/Microsoft\ Teams\ Helper
rm -rf /private/var/folders/qn/8x0qv4616tx8p28q08rl2jhm0000gp/T/Microsoft\ Teams\ Helper\ \(Renderer\) 
rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/Microsoft Teams
rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/Microsoft Teams\ Helper
rm -rf ~/Library/Logs/Microsoft Teams\ Helper\ \(Renderer\)


The next morning it had reverted back to version This pattern continues every day and every day I have to re-install MS Teams. At this point it seems to be acting like spyware. Please help.

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