Teams Replaces Commercial Cloud Trial with Exploratory Experience



Microsoft Teams will soon offer users the chance to engage with an exploratory experience to see what Teams is all about. The new experience replaces the previous 1-year trial offer. Office 365 tenant admins who don’t want users to test software can disable the ability to sign up for trial apps and services in the Office 365 Admin Center.

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@Tony Redmond Do you know what the licence term is for the Exploratory Experience? 

As the MOSA  that this adheres to does not state the term length.  The prior Commercial Cloud Trial was for 1 year from account activation date, you would assume that the Exploratory Experience would be the same.  But we all know what happens when you assume something.


@Jason-Clark I don't know the exact period. That's a question best addressed to Microsoft.


@Tony Redmond Hi there. Does anyone know the period of the trial allowed? Thanks




Sign into your Admin portal and select Billing -> Products & Services and scroll down to "Microsoft Teams Exploratory Trial.


Mine says its good until: 5/23/53

This seems wrong but that's what it says...