Teams recording has cut off some of the screen

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we recording a call this morning and the two speakers were spotlighted so they were the only ones on the screen. Now looking back at the recording it has cut part of one of the speakers screens and although it looked fine when we were live, the recording has cut half of one of the screens and due to where the speaker was sitting, it has cut half his head and shoulders off. is there any way we can get the full screen recording of both speakers or do we only have the recording sent through after the session finished. thanks

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@louisa_lane did you get a resolution to this issue?

have had the same thing happen to a recording needed for submission /assessment.

did you find the cause and manage to recover the full video?

@chrisbenn No unfortunately not and we had to record the session again but we used Zoom instead. 

@louisa_lane - Same here, as of today.  Participants actively watching the presentation through the Teams app on their computers, had no concerns.  The recording, however, shows a shifted view from the same camera, basically cutting the presenter in half.


Could this be the result of a March 2023 update?



I am having the same problem and unfortunately we don't have the luxury to redo the recording. I hope MS can provide a solution. Has anyone heard more on this?


Thank you!