Teams Powershell and Active Connections

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With the shift in recent PowerShell modules after v2, and merging all the SfB commands into it, it has changed the way you connect.  However, because PowerShell Remoting is a fickle beast, especially when it comes to using a cloud hosted services such as Teams, remote sessions sometimes just disappear, time out, or break.  I previously handled this in scripts using Get-PSSession and looking at the state, if it was broken, I'd force a reconnect.  So my scripts looked something like this:


function Connect-MSTeams {
	if ($ForceReconnect -or (@(Get-PSSession -Name 'SfBPower*').Count -eq 0) -or (@(Get-PSSession -Name 'SfBPower*').State -contains 'Broken')) {
		Get-Module tmp* | Where-Object{ $_.Description -like '*OcsPowershellOAuth*' } | Remove-Module
		Get-PSSession -Name 'SfBPowerShell*'| Remove-PSSession
		$cs = New-CsOnlineSession
		Import-PSSession -Session $cs -AllowClobber



This worked great until v2, and now I don't see any sessions when execute Get-PSSession




As Teams PowerShell sessions still barf and die randomly, how does everybody else handle this? There is no handy function like Get-MicrosoftTeamsSession or easy way to check the health of a session, meaning you have to wrap every command in try/catch with specific catches for session issues.


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Hello how are you? you are right this changed recently.


I noticed that, Get-PSSession will return something only when you call -Cs* cmdlets, so if you run Get-Team you will not have anything but if you call, for example, Get-CsCallingLineIdentity you will:





Said that, reconnection should automatically work with latest versions (if you connected interactively), did you experience reconnection issues?