Teams Polls - Where are the results (by name of respondent)?

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I've created a Poll (via Forms) as a post in a channel for my Team. The card created for the poll states, "Results are visible to everyone; Names recorded", however, I cannot for the life of me figure out who submitted responses - can't find where these names are recorded. Anyone know how to get this info? Otherwise it's just a completely anonymous poll.






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Ugh...nevermind. I found that I have to actually go to "" in my browser to find the associated form and its responses. I cannot find any other way to access the information from inside Teams like I would with a "regular" form.
You could probably add a forms tab to the channel with the results from the form as you would going to forms site directly if you wanted to technically keep it in Teams.

@Chris Webb I neglected to mention that we're using Forms Pro.

Of course, attempting to add a Tab was one of many things I tried. And the list of "Add an existing form" when attempting to do so doesn't include the Form/Poll in question. Perhaps yet another gaping hole in the Forms Pro vs. Forms use case via Teams - so many things seem to break for us when we use Forms Pro from Teams, though I haven't tried doing this with a regular Forms license either. 

Yeah, I haven't bothered with Forms Pro so don't know much about the quirks with it yet. At least you were able to get to it via web!
I am regular Form user not "Form Pro". I am still facing the issue of not knowing who posted the response. I think it is by design. "Poll" is anonymous. The only misguiding information is the text "Names are Recorded"

@Bob Manjoney  - thank you for beating me to the punch with this question.  I went to the soon discovered that our corporate account doesn't have Forms.  So although we can create polls and see that others have voted, I still can't see the recorded results/by respondent.


Thanks for sharing.


@Bob Manjoney  In a channel: Create a new form - click 'Add existing' then select the name of the Poll you want to see the results for. In the Collect Responses drop down, select 'Collaborate'.  The tab created will be called "Edit | "name of your poll" - click on that tab. Within the page, click on "Responses". The detail of the responses will be in the Excel that can be opened, situated on the far right just below the status.


For a poll initiated from a chat, I haven't yet found a way of doing it



@Bob Manjoney 

  1. Create a poll in your channel or chat of choice en wait for answers.
  2.  Go to and login.
  3.  A screen with all your polls appears so look for the poll you created in your chat.
  4. Click on the tile representing your poll. A screen opens and shows the questions.
  5. Click on the tab Answers and new screen with statistical info appears.
  6. Now click on the button "Show Results".
  7. Now you see a dropdown menu called Respondent filled with all the users who submitted responses.:smile:


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@Bob Manjoney Thank you for sharing that info! I was in a similar situation and couldn't find any info anywhere.

I have tried going to the forms site and asking for detail.  Each respondent comes up as "anonymous" under detail so that didn't help.  The only fix I've been able to use is just making question one on each assignment:  
"What is your name?"

@IzzyBeeeesy    Thank you for your info. It worked for me. I'm somewhat new to Teams and found I created a poll, couldn't find it, and now was able to find it and add it to my "channel". Still getting used to the these new terms.  :smile:

@Bob Manjoney thank you! Clicking on the Office 365 menu and Forms redirected me to which didn't show me the form, but did. Not possible to find the form either when trying to add it as a tab in Teams.

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@JohnBoers I have gone into my Microsoft Forms and the poll I created in a Teams Chat is not showing up. Is there another way to look at responses?

Also created a poll in team chat (Not anonymous; Results not shared), can't see results, only the number of submissions. Poll not showing at all in forms over web. When I create a new tab with poll results it shows only my vote like I'm not the owner. It looks like some kind of bug..

@hsteel does it work if you go to - can you see the form there?

does it work if you go to - can you see the form there?

@Gil Roitto No, I don't see it at all on

@ibritvic - I am having the same problem.  I have a class poll set to "Anonymous, Results Not Shared" because I do not want the results shared with my students, but I cannot get to them, even as the owner.  Was there any solution?