Teams Polls - Where are the results (by name of respondent)?

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I've created a Poll (via Forms) as a post in a channel for my Team. The card created for the poll states, "Results are visible to everyone; Names recorded", however, I cannot for the life of me figure out who submitted responses - can't find where these names are recorded. Anyone know how to get this info? Otherwise it's just a completely anonymous poll.






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I am having the same issue. I created a poll in a subchannel:



I created the poll as non-anonymous, results are SHOWN. I can see the results but I do not see who responded. I have tried going to but I do not see this form there. I see several others. Within that page, I see a link to the Team, but the Team shows "0 polls"




Seems like a bug. 


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I had also been looking all over for my poll/forms.
Found it here by clicking on 'All My Forms'




@chooiyc omg there it is! Thank you so much!

Interesting... For me the link you shared worked for me. I still have to toggle to different buttons to get the list of respondents.

But the link didn't work - it prompted me to login again and doesn't accept my corporate account.

What's the difference between those 2 URLs? Just curious. Thanks again.

Did anyone figure this out? I have started a poll in Teams, anonymous and it isn't showing on the form website, I can't the results anywhere?? @jlubonski_FLHS 

@Georgia-oem seems like the answer is above.  Click "see all forms" in the Forms option in Office 365.

So it is!! @jlubonski_FLHS thank you for replying. 

@chooiyc- you saved my day, Thanks :)  Go to, there is a link 'All my forms' I found the poll I created in teams channel there. Once you find the poll, you can view results etc. similar to any other poll.

yes, there it is, thanks for sharing ;)

@chooiyc Thanks for this response. The All my forms link  at the bottom of the page is the answer. Not easy to find though. I would have expected all of my forms to be visible by going to 

@JohnBoers thanks, this was very helpful :) 

@chooiyc thank you so much it was annoying issue for a long time for me. 

Hello everyone, 


Is anyone having issues with the polls releasing themselves? Like I created draft poll questions for a session and even though I don't click launch on all poll questions, they start launching by themselves like they have a life of their own. Please help me out if anyone has a solution to this. 

Thanks in advance!

Follow "All My Forms =>" to find the polls from Team Chat. Thank you for posting this solution.

@Bob Manjoney 


It took me forever to figure this out! But your response helped!


Here's how to view results/recorded names/emails of respondents of a survey sent on Teams (desktop app) via Forms (app within the Teams app):


  1. Go to
  2. Log in if not already logged in 
  3. Go to My Forms 
  4. Find the survery you sent out (listed by the survey question) and click on it. It will open in a new window.
  5. Go to the Responses tab, top right
  6. Under the Question, you'll see a live link to More Details. Click on this and a window will pop up with people's names and responses. You can also download an Excel file with the responses by clicking Open in Excel on the right.

Let me tell ya, this is NOT intuitive or easy! Microsoft needs to work on this!!! Otherwise the Form surveys are not very useful. 


@JohnBoers Great!  this is such an easy fix - thanks John.  Been scratching our heads for a couple of days!


@janejaneycamehome Thanks, glad to hear this helped.

It appears that they have removed Polls from the Forms interface? I can't see any polls in my portal.  @JohnBoers 

Thank you for your response. I am still not sure what changed and why I have to go to Forms to retrieve my responses but I am glad that it worked.
I did all of this, I am on company account, we do have Forms and there is still nothing.