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Hi All,


Is there any update as to when Teams planner will enable funtion to set tasks as reoccurring?


I work in finance and it would be extremly useful for Teams to have this function.


At the current time it is almost not worth using planner as each month as I have to manually enter each month end task every month.





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@William_Patterson It is listed as planned in the uservoice for Planner.


August 13 the Planner Team wrote:

"We’ve completed our initial designs (thanks a lot to your scenarios/details!) and are waiting for this to move it’s way up our backlog. We should have a scheduling update in November when work on three BIG initiatives wraps up. Stay tuned!"



Not recurring but you can copy an existing plan. So perhaps create a template plan with all your tasks and assignments. Then copy this plan each month and change the dates for each task or activity. That way you will get a history over a year of all the tasks each month which might provide some useful metrics.


This won’t work very well unfortunately:( by copying a plan you create a new group so it won’t be accessible from the team they use! Except from adding it as a website! Still not that great and you will end up creating new groups each time! If it’s about tasks only I’ll suggest creating a template task with all the info and then just copy this task for each month setting the appropriate due date on each! This way you’ll make 12 tasks in under 5 min

@adam deltingerthanks both for the responses. At the current time I do indeed copy and paste from a template and change the dates but I have about 30 monthly tasks which I need to record so takes too much time. This has been on the back burner for almost three years from Microsoft, but I feel it should have been fixed years ago. Nearly everyone who uses a planner will have recurring tasks!