Teams Personal on Android is stuck in a login loop for weeks


My wife and I have both been using Teams Personal, along with Teams for work on our Android phones and our PCs for a couple of years.  For the past few weeks, my wife has not been able to use Teams Personal on her phone because she gets stuck in a login loop where she is prompted over and over to use her password and Microsoft Authenticator to log in.  After about 15 or so login attempts, we are usually able to get her logged back in momentarily and then when she tries to do anything in Teams, she is faced with additional login screens/prompts for her password/Authenticator.  Her work account continues to function properly. This is only impacting her personal Teams account.

We have tried clearing the cache and uninstalling and re-installing Teams and Authenticator, but nothing has worked to solve this issue on her phone.

I know that there are many other people experiencing this issue lately, as can be seen in the below links.  Can someone please help to get this resolved ASAP?


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Android Teams app stuck in sign-in loop - Microsoft Community


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I'm having the same exact problem, ever figure this out?

same issue - Samsung S23 Ultra

@jhellyer680 I have the same issue, using azure AD account and personal Microsoft account on same Teams instance. Endless authentication loop.

@Buffbagwell same config, using Azure and personal on teams