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I recently decided to use microsoft products across all my platforms, so I subscribed for office 360 family. I am a school teacher and due to the current worldwide COVID19 pandemic, I'm having to teach from home. Upon first inspection I found that Teams would be the perfect tool for my classes, I'd use my ipad, share slides via Powerpoint and share my screen whenever I needed a whiteboard to wirte on. Here's where my problems start. There is simply no button to just start a video conference with the teams or channel like there is on the PC app, you can call a person and add people to the call, one by one, but imagine doing that with many students everytime I want to teach a class. So, trying to find a solution for that problem I learned that you can schedule a meeting by clicking the calendar icon. To my surprise, my version of the app simply doesn't show that icon, the is no calendar feature. Please, make our lives and work a bit easier in these times of hardship.  Just put the same video(and audio) button already featured in the PC app (which is free).

P.S. How can I make the calendar app appear? 

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@Ragonog Normally your school would implement Teams using the free licenses Microsoft provide, and give each student a username/password, and you would all have calendars. It sounds like you've signed up for Teams free, which is a version that comes without a calendar so you cant schedule meetings.

@Steven Collier Yes I know. My point is: I'm a teacher in a small ESL school and I have private students too, more or less like a freelancer, let's say it like this. It wouldn't make sense for me to buy the full business software version, especialy because I can use the features I need on the free PC app. Since things are evolving to a more portable life and ipads can pretty much replace computers nowadays, there should be a version  of the ipad app with the same capabilities of the PC free version, and it doesn't even have to be free, It could be a version in-between for those who, like me, pay for the personal or family experince, especially because I think skype, which is what I use today is bound to be discontinued. There is no equally capable ipad app version as the free app on pc. The best I can get (which is still missing the video and call button, but there is calendar) is if I pay as if I were a business, it's super expensive for a freelancer, so I guess I'm stuck having to iniciate the meeting via PC then I can go join it on my ipad. Seems like a ridiculous waste of time. And again I'm not asking for a free upgrade, I'd love to pay for it, as long as I can get it as part of the personal and family pack, not needing to buy 25 licenses and pay a huge price.



I'm not sure I understand, it sounds like you are using different accounts with different abilities, more or less anything that can be done on a PC can also be done using the Teams app on the iPad.


I don't think Microsoft 365 Business has any minimum order quantity, starts from $5 a month


There are no plan to discontinue Skype, it's still widely used around the world. Microsoft are going to introduce a more consumer focused version of Teams later this year, as described in the article here

@Steven Collier ON the ipad or android app you can't start a meeting with a team or channel by clicking on the "meet now" button, because it doesn't exist, the way to do it is to schedule the meeting using the calendar, which is already a step further. But since I'm using my personal account, I don't get that either. So the only way to start a video call with multiple people is if you add them one by one. It would be very nice if there were a "meet now" button on the ios and android apps.


Well, before I pressed Enter and post this comment, I did find a way to do group video meeting a little bit easier than to add people one by one.. you can make a tag, add everybody once and then start a chat adding that tag. But I still don't understand why there can't just be a "meet now" button to just start a meeting with your team.