Teams notification not working for a specific group.

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I am looking for help on how to troubleshoot my notifications for a group team. I get notification if a person contacts me privately or from a group chat but after trying several things to fix , i still don't get notifications on a channel that our group made for the public of our company. 


I tried: 

- Clicked on the (...) for more options next to the group and click channel notifications, pressed Banner and Feed as options for both and save. ---> didn't work

- I went to settings > notifications  below my picture on the upper right, Clicked on notifications and pressed on Banner and Feed to all options and to notify me if missed activity by email and unmuted the channel notifications. ----> still didn't work


- I deleted Teams from my computer ( from appdata) also deleted the folder about teams. I restarted my computer and download it from online. Made sure the notifications settings were all good again. 

---> still didn't work. 

^ I tried this   2 times to make sure it was okay ^ but still nothing

--> I downloaded teams on another computer and on my iphone but still didnt get any notifications. 


Please help me find a solution. It is a very important channel that I always need to be in alert to respond to whom ever writes in it. 



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@demestralmg I am also recently starting to use teams and having the same challenge. 

A short term workaround that I am using is to create a new chat and add the group. That is working well, but is definitely only a workaround as the Teams section would be more useful to have the notifications show up, rather than just a BOLD header. I look forward to other responses that you receive.