Teams not loading in Chrome or Edge

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Since a week ago my Teams stopped loading in Chrome or Edge, it only works in Firefox.
I have tried all the things I found in forums:

1. Chrome is up to date

2. Cookies are enabled
3. Cleared data

4. Opened in incognito, with no extensions

5. Resetted Chrome, installed again


Looking in DevTools, what I can see is that some cookies (it seems like authentication cookies) from the domain (with initial dot) are present only in Firefox.

Chrome only shows cookies from and


Console from Chrome also shows error in POST api authz (error 411), which does not happen in Firefox and looks related to the cookie problem.


Last thing: web apps like Outlook, ToDo and Forms are loading ok. Those linked to onedrive (excel, onedrive, word, onenote) the page keeps loading, but does not shows error page or in console. Everything works in Firefox.


Appreciate any ideas.



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Hello @dressito,
Could you please try checking if third party cookies are blocked in your Chrome browser?
Please check this in your browser...
1. Go to Settings and click on Privacy and security.
2. Then go to Cookies and other site data.
3. Enable Block third-party cookies in Incognito.
4. Under Sites that can always use cookies, add
5. Clear cache in chrome, if required restart browser and try accessing Teams

Hi @Surya_Pammi, thanks for the reply!


I've tried to enable all cookies, block third party in incognito (my default) and to enable under sites, checking "enable third party cookies". I've tried many combinations like [*.],,, and so on, and still not loads.
Even without site permission, cookies from and are loading/saved in Chrome, just from .teams domain that are not appearing in the list (DevTools > Aplication tab)




These are from Firefox:



Ok, Just could you give a try by clearing all the third cookies and add these set of cookies recommend by Microsoft for Chrome.
Appreciate if you can share the error screenshot

Hi @Surya_Pammi,


I've already tried these custom behaviors:



And cleared all site data:



But I have the same error, always:


This is the POST error that I don't get in FF, just in Chrome... I just don't know if it is the cause ou because the cookies from .teams domain are not set.



Hi @dressito,

Do you have Teams desktop client installed on the machine that you are facing this issue? Please confirm if you are encountering same issue with Teams desktop client. If so we can once try clearing Local Teams Cache under %appdata%.

Also FYI, please revalidate browser versions of chrome (should be >= version 72) 

@Surya_Pammi, thanks for trying!

I uninstalled the Teams desktop client, but it the webapp was working when it was installed, before last week. But I cleaned the app cache folder, and didn't help.

I cannot login in the desktop client, but that is a work related restriction, so I cannot try to reproduce the issue.

My Chrome is v.92, Edge is up to date also.

@dressito : I would like to narrow down the issue if it is specific to teams or your device that you are using. Hope you have tried logging into Teams web from another PC/laptop/mobile. If not, could you give a try.

@Surya_Pammi, I thought about this... I can access my work PC via remote desktop, and it works ok.

I'm logged/synced in Chrome there, so any changes I've made at home (e.g cookie site list) was updated there too, and nothing changed... kept opening at work, and kept not loading at home.

The main difference is that the version at home is the latest, v.92, while at work is v.80.

I've just tested uninstalling Edge v.92 and installing v.89, but still didn't load.

It seems like a Chromium issue, since it stopped working in both Chrome and Edge, and probably related to something in my PC.

With a personal account, the issue is the same... can open outlook, but teams doesn't load.

I will try to test on a third PC, with the latest Chrome, and see what happens.



Hello @dressito,

Good Day!

Looks like some issue with Browser on your remote desktop/office PC, as you are encountering same issue with your account. As you stated please try on new machine to isolate the issue.

Hope you will resolve this soon !!

Hi @Surya_Pammi!

"Interesting" results. I've tried to login in a laptop, Chrome v.92, up to date, and got the same error.

When I tried in incognito, I've got the login loop and "allow 3rd party cookies" error page.

After allowing the domains recommend in the link, I have the same "run into an issue" error and Teams doesn't load. Tested only with my personal account.

It seem more and more as a chromium issue? Can someone with chrome/edge v.92 test to see if they have the same problem?

Hello @dressito,


I gave a try with my office ID & Personal lab. Results are positive for me. Please have a look at details.

And will you be able to share the URL that is shown in browser after receiving error.


Office Laptop: 

OS Version: Windows 10 (Joined to office Domain & azure joined device)

Chrome Version: 91.0.4472.124 (64 Bit)

Edge Version: 92.0.902.55 (64 Bit)


Personal Laptop:

OS Version: Windows 10

Chrome Version: 91.0.4472.124 (64-bit)

Edge Version: 92.0.902.55 (64 Bit)














@Surya_Pammi, thanks for all the help so far!

I have Chrome 92.0.4515.107 and Edge 92.0.902.55 (the same as you).

My wife's laptop has the same versions, and it didn't work for her personal account either, like my personal account on the same laptop. As in my PC, outlook is opening fine.

I thought that maybe could something related to my network, so I've changed the connection to the mobile hotspot, but it didn't work.

Since you have the same Edge version, it is not a Chromium issue... My Edge has no extensions, and default settings, I don't think it is related.

It is honestly puzzling me...


As for your suggestion:,%22status%22:411,%22statusText%22:%22%22,%22stepName%22:%22authenticationService_skype-auth%22%7D  


This is probably connected to the fact that I'm not getting the auth cookies from .teams domain, even if cookies from and .microsoft domains are ok.

Even with "Allow All Cookies" option is not working.

I don't think is a settings/permission issue, but I have no clue at this point


I googled the error part of the url, and now I'm finding other discussions with the same problem, but no solutions so far...




Yes, looks like issue is not nailed properly with a concrete solution. Just I would like to share the Cookie settings that I have on my Personal Chrome browser. Similar settings are seen on my Office laptop as well.

Chrome Settings.PNG

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@Surya_Pammi, I've kinda solved it!

Another thread commented on vlan and firewall settings, filtering etc, and even though I don't have this at home, I thought what my PC and my wife's laptop have in common that is similar, since the network config wasn't the problem: antivirus!

So I just turned it off, tried to logon and Teams loaded!

Turned it on again and kept working, and could load again, no problem (probably because cookies are already saved/cached).


I still don't know exactly what is the issue. I've reset my PC a few times but didn't solve it, and Teams kept loading in Firefox. It doesn't seems like an AV block (logs/events doesn't show anything).

But in incognito, without the cached cookies, I still cannot load the page with AV turned on. :thinking_face:


BTW, AV is Bitdefender free


Thanks again for the the discussion, it helped a lot!

That's a great finding :)
Please mark as a best response, as it might help people looking for the solutions.
Cheers !!

@Surya_Pammi a note - after hitting this problem with two different websites in both Edge and Chrome, I found this post and sure enough disabling BitDefender worked.


For weeks before, I had also been having trouble logging in to the Azure Portal (it would simply hang on the loading page, even in incognito mode). Having seen this post I tried disabling Bitdefender and sure enough I can log in again.


I thought it might be of interest as it clearly affects more than one Microsoft product.


They are hard to find, but there are examples of people having the same problem on stack overflow.

Good to hear that you were able to resolve by disabling BitDefender.



This fixed it for me. Previously, a reboot, restart of Chrome and even incognito mode did not resolve this issue.
I just added under "Sites that can always use cookies" and checked "enable third party cookies"
I did not have to clear cache. It worked right away in a new tab.






The problem also occurred on my machine where Bitdefender is installed. At least I can load Teams using Opera or Firefox.