Teams needs an update

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Hi everyone.


Today I used the option update inside Microsoft Teams and later I got a message saying teams needs to restart in order to update.


After I did that, whenever I try to open Teams, I get a message saying "Teams needs an update", leading me to the Teams download page (Download Microsoft Teams Desktop and Mobile Apps | Microsoft Teams).


I've downloaded the latest (at least I thought it was) version from that website, but I end up with the same message after running the Teams_windows_x64.exe file.

I also tryied to directly download the known latest version from Teams ( but I end up in the same spot.


Does anyone knows what is the current version or how to bypass this error message?


Thanks in advance,


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Without knowing anything about your environment and installation process it sounds as if your org. might use the Machine-wide installer for Teams. I would simply go to the Control panel and remove all related to Teams (incl. the installer) and then give the re-installation a go. That should do it as a workaround for a successful installation but you should also reach out to your IT unit informing them about the issue.