Teams Mobile App. Link not supported. You cannot open this link on the mobile app.

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Hello fellow Teamsters,
I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with the Teams Mobile App.
We have corporate joined devices that run either Android or iOS.
When tapping a link in a post on the Teams Mobile App, we see different experiences.
Links open as expected
Android 10
Links do not open and we received the following message:
"Link not supported.  You cannot open this link on the mobile app.  Please open it on the desktop or web app."
I have performed some initial searches online and found this previously being reported but no resolution.
Has anyone else experience this?  If so, how did you resolve?
Kind regards, Darren

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I must apologize but I do not have an answer for this. I too have a user that is experiencing this same issue on iOS however, I would be interested in any others that may be experiencing this issue on either mobile device OS and what was done to fix it.


Thank you in advance.   




I have the same issue with IOS now that I updated to ver. 2.0.17, was there ever a solution found for this issue of teams mobile apps not supporting the link?


I am having this with a link from and Internal SharePoint site or site folder to a Teams post, opens in the desktop, in mobile apps returns an error message stating file type not supported....?