Teams Mobile App. Link not supported. You cannot open this link on the mobile app.

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Hello fellow Teamsters,
I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue with the Teams Mobile App.
We have corporate joined devices that run either Android or iOS.
When tapping a link in a post on the Teams Mobile App, we see different experiences.
Links open as expected
Android 10
Links do not open and we received the following message:
"Link not supported.  You cannot open this link on the mobile app.  Please open it on the desktop or web app."
I have performed some initial searches online and found this previously being reported but no resolution.
Has anyone else experience this?  If so, how did you resolve?
Kind regards, Darren

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I must apologize but I do not have an answer for this. I too have a user that is experiencing this same issue on iOS however, I would be interested in any others that may be experiencing this issue on either mobile device OS and what was done to fix it.


Thank you in advance.   



I have the same issue with IOS now that I updated to ver. 2.0.17, was there ever a solution found for this issue of teams mobile apps not supporting the link?


I am having this with a link from and Internal SharePoint site or site folder to a Teams post, opens in the desktop, in mobile apps returns an error message stating file type not supported....?

Hi @Darren Rolfe 

I can see that some users also noticed a related issue and have raised this issue on Microsoft Teams UserVoice about Fix Hyperlink Issue. If it is convenience, you can also subscribe this issue on UserVoice. As more and more people vote on this issue, it can let the related team be aware of this issue and fix it in the future. 

Thank you,

@Darren Rolfe 

Our similar issue is on Mobile phones.

When you open an externally organised Teams Meeting calendar invite in the Outlook mobile app and click the "Join" button next to the Teams Meeting text,


it opens the Teams app but displays the activity tab with this pop up error message



Why can't it open the meeting in the Teams Mobile app ???  


The only work around I have is to open the Meeting description from the calendar invite and click "Click here to join the meeting"



What am I missing here ?  Why does it not work ?

I have an M365 E3 licence.  I'm using an iPhone with the latest iOS 15.4.1 release and my mobile Teams App is version 4.6.1 and my Outlook mobile app is version 4.2216.0   We use the Intune Company Portal / Management Profile on our iOS devices.



@DavidOakesCF Do you have a third party email filter that is replacing links for security reasons? If you look at the link from a desktop is to anywhere other than ?

@Steven Collier 

Yes, the urls do get re-written by Mimecast or Egress (or both!)