Teams Mobile App Crashing

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We have several team members who had an app update last night and now the app will open but immediately crash.  We are still receiving notifications on the device but can't open the app.  We have deleted the app, rebooted the device, reinstall and still the same result.  It has been reported on all  versions of iphone only.  Some iphones are working correctly, my best guess is that they have not received the latest update.  Android devices are working fine.  

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I'm having the same issue with my users on their desktop computer after an update.  Now they can't open the teams app.  I'm wondering if this is starting to be a system wide issue from updates. 


Thanks for the info for mobile devices, will check with my users who uses that as well.  



@Hatake242 I am pleased to know that its not just us.  Weird how its hit and miss.

same here! hopefully solution comes soon


@mcook301 My mobile app started working just a few minutes ago.  

My MS Teams mobile app also crashes, but it only crashes when I try to open the camera function/feature within the MS Teams app itself, idk why huhu