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While using teams during a call the other day (Android teams app -> Desktop App) the user on the other end was zoomed in (I basically could see his forehead in detail).  He reported that on his screen the image displayed was the full camera view.


I tested this out on another call - I made the call from my iOS teams app to someone on a desktop app and they noticed the same issue.  I could see what the camera was seeing in corner - and it was fine.  But on their screen I was zoomed in to the upper portion of my camera.   There is no obvious settings that change this that I can see.  Unsure what is causing it either.  Any ideas out there?


I'll try and set up a call phone to phone and post screenshots.

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@Russell Moir I don't have a suggestion, but actually experienced this same problem with my mobile app. So I'm just here to second your problem!

Having the same issue. I rather be able to use my phone's camera, then have to get out my laptop for every video chat I have.

@Russell MoirHey folks!


For what it's worth, I recently figured out that turning your phone horizontal fixes this issue. The landscape version shows a more true-to-life picture than the crazy zoom of portrait mode. Would still like to have control over the vertical video, but landscape worked great!

I'll give this a go. Didnt even think of trying this... given its a phone and its comfier when holding to hold in portrait (or easier when leaning it against something!)

@Russell Moir We are seeing this same issue with all of our phones using the Teams mobile app.  It appears to be zooming in FAR too much.  In comparison, the regular camera on the phone (ours are iPhones) do not exhibit this issue.


It appears to be a problem that is specific to the Teams mobile app only.  It is super annoying and makes users look horrible since the other users basically only see someone's forehead.


Meanwhile, the preview video showing on the person's mobile looks "normal" so the user who is having the problem doesn't really know it at all.


@Casey675 This is definitely true of landscape mode, but the portrait mode zoom problem is still not a good one and is the way most people tend to hold their phones :(



Just want to point out that I am experiencing this issue as well in Teams meetings with folks who are joining on their android phones.  I can 'pinch' them into proper zoom when I'm conferencing on my ipad, but within seconds usually Teams snaps them back to ultra zoom closeup!

I opened a case with Microsoft (I encourage you to do the same) and am getting absolutely nowhere!


They told me it is by design, but then said they are working to resolve the problem... HUH ??

This is happening in my organisation as well! So annoying, especially as the caller's video snapshot looks normal to them. Hopefully microsoft sort this ASAP as I much prefer to do these from my phone then laptop.

@Russell Moir We have been having the same problem and have tried turning the phone, not perfect but it helps.  Would like to see Microsoft resolve this issue!

I am experiencing the same problem for me and some at my firm. I did not have this problem with Galaxy S8 phone and recently upgraded to Galaxy S10+ and I am zoomed in both vertical and horizontal or portrait and landscape. Would love a fix for this as it is very annoying to have people stare at your already large nose becoming even larger. The other side only sees the zoom and they can toggle an option to fit to screen I have been told to correct this but nothing on your end yet as you see yourself just fine. Thanks - any setting recommendation to help fix this for Samsumg Galaxy welcomed as well!

I'm using the Team app on my laptop with Windows 10. 

I'm having this exact same issue but only with people I call from one specific organisation; everyone else I call is fine. @jamesbl 

Same problem here - looks bad on client calls.

@Russell Moir 


I'm having the same issue - has any fix been identified yet?   Its really starting to bother me now as I'm having to use Teams for interviews and unless someone tells me, all they can see is my forehead when I can see my full face on screen.   It doesn't seem to be affecting anyone else I know though so I really don't know why... 


No response from MS. A trick that seems to work is turning the camera sideways (landscape view) and it goes to normal.

@Russell Moir We've got exactly the same issue, and using the phone horizontally didn't properly solve it either (Samsung S7 Android).  Trust it's solved quickly as we use Microsoft Teams Live for webinar demonstrations.

Thanks for this, mighty helpful as I certainly prefer being mobile. Now I know what's happening I can turn my phone landscape. Technically I wonder why this is happening. 

Same problem here, really annoying. The user also has no idea it is happening. Until someone let's them know, but that's not what they see. For those of us that work with our phones 50% of the time this is a problem.



I would suggest that everyone on this thread raise support requests with Microsoft through their admins. You'll only get advice here, for repeatable issues you need support.