Teams Mic and Video not working

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For two different meetings in the same organization, I was unable to unmute myself or turn on my camera through my Mac. It's running macOS Catalina 10.15.3. I am not sure if it is my organization or settings. It says "Your admin has disabled other audio and video options."


Also: Other people seem to not have this problem. 


When I used my iPad, it started working.

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Hello @KennyChuwing  Based on the prompting message you provided above, it is more likely that your video feature in the Teams was disabled by the Teams Admin. In this case please contact your IT department ( Teams Admin) then go to Teams Admin Center > Meeting policies > select a policy to open there > Audio& Video > enable "Allow IP video", after that please save the policy and then please assign the respective policy to your Teams account.  Please note the changes in Teams Admin Center make take up to 24 hours to take effect, please wait it with some more patience and then see if it make any difference, thanks.


It could also be bandwidth related, Teams will prioritize audio over video and sharing. So try another connection if possible.