Teams Messages are not sent

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i am having a strange behavior in the Microsoft Teams App for a couple of weeks now. 
When i send messages, the messages are either not sent, sent with delay or sent normally. 


its super annoying.
I am using the Microsoft Teams App for work / school for Windows. I reinstalled the App with the newest version twice now:


I also emptied the cache (deleted all the content in the teams folder). 

I have the same issue with the browser version. So it seems, there is something wrong with my account? Or my Office 365?

I hope someone of you can offer some help here.


Thanks !



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Does this only happen for you or other users in the tenant?
just me
And does it also happen on the web version?
yes, on the webversion (using google chrome) same issue.
i made sure that the teams app is not running, so that the browser wouldnt be interfered by it.