Teams Meeting using Microsoft Speech recognition

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When I am in a Teams meeting and go on mute, I can't seem to use the microsoft speech recognition to open other apps and make notes while I am still on a call but this works with browser version of the Teams. With browser version I can go on mute while on a call and still open other apps and dictate.

Can you please help to resolve the Teams desktop issue?

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Hi @MizanNet ,


What device are you using as a MIC, is it a headset or something built-in? Also are you muting via a device or using the mute option within the Teams Client/Web App only?





Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech 


I am using plantronics blackwire 5220 serie Click here


To mute I am using the mute option within the Teams Client but same thing happens when using the device mute control.


As mentioned before the web version of Teams works perfect but not the desktop version.





It is interesting in the web that it only mutes your mic for the bowser session.

I will keep looking/ thinking but for now I would give this a vote:



Hi @HenryPhillipsNimbitech 


Thanks for investigating this issue. I will update you if I find a solution too.


I have also unchecked from headset microphone properties

"Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" this didn't make any difference.


It must be something with desktop Teams app as web version works


Many Thanks