Teams meeting room stuck on signing in

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Our Teams meeting room is stuck on signing in on SfB. Somehow the newly created Teams Room (Logitech Tap) the UPN, SIP and email are the same keeps on showing this message on the tap:



The connectivity health gives the following information:




I've tried a couple of things (changing UPN/Mail/SIP and changing from SfB only to Microsoft Teams)  but it still doesn't work. The earlier created Teams Meeting rooms are still functioning.


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Hi @AaronMVP   Your issue sounds similar to one I found in a fairly recent item from our Answers site: Microsoft Teams Room Can't sign in - Microsoft Community.  Do any of the suggestions here help? 

If not, you can open your own ticket at for personalized tech support.

I seem to be having the same issue over the past 3 weeks. It randomly signed in Last week and that lasted for about a day then it signed out again and will not sign back in.