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I just started using Teams for work with business subscription.

I tried to send an invitation for a meeting from my work e-mail to my personal e-mail just to add myself as a guest to a meeting and try it out. My personal e-mail (google) is also connected to outlook.

When I sent an invitation to my personal e-mail then in outlook in my personal inbox it showed me organizers other booked calendar items that are near the time of the meeting. Why would it do this? I do not want to send random clients my inside information about my other meetings etc. In Gmail it does not show this, but in outlook it shows a portion of my work calendar in the invitation e-mail.

So if my clients use outlook they will see what I am doing before and after their meeting?

Specifically at this time it showed one all day event.

Can I turn it off?

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That information is only shown to you, nobody else. You've nothing to worry about.
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As @vasil says, this information is only shown to you, nobody else can see your calendar unless you have specifically shared it (note: by default Outlook shares free/busy time with people within your organisation).

One thing to note is that by default each recipient will see who the invite has been sent to, to prevent this use the 'Hide Attendees' Response Option, currently only available in Outlook on the Web.


While trying out further I kind of started to think that myself :)

Thanks for replying.