Teams meeting - End call when the organizer leaves

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Good morning to all the community,


I need help and advises about Microsoft Teams meetings. 

We recently ask users to use Teams when they need to realize conference call.

However, we noticed that users in the Teams meeting can still speak when the organizer leaves. This is a functionality we would like to delete due to confidentiality.


  • Is there a way to end a conference call when the organizer leaves ?


  • Does the organizer must do something in order to close the conference call in the meeting ?


Hope you'll be able to help us.


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Not as of today. The meeting continue on and can be living on
Thank you for your prompt reply !
Does it answer to the second question too ? We cannot manually close the conference call ?
No, just deleting the meeting
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Updated Dec 2021

You can now End Meeting for everyone. This is under the dropdown on the leave button at the top right of the screen

Hope this answers your question

Best, Chris

Thank you very much Chris.

Hope it will be available soon !

Unfortunately some of these "user voices" to be able to end a meeting have been open since 2017 yet Microsoft continues to work on features that seem to have much less value. 

It's pretty obvious that Microsoft doesn't really listen to its customers. @SB_AS 

It was... until we got an answer three years later. Better late than never :unamused: @Todd_Moore 


Yeah, they are actively working on this and several other meeting features given the global situation with Covid-19, including raise hand, custom backgrounds, seeing all participants in a meeting. They have all been expedited due to demand and feedback on uservoice

Best, Chris

@adam deltinger 

If I'm the organizer and I leave the meeting, how can I rejoin the meeting?  

@SB_AS, end meeting feature has been made available as of today so an organizer can end the meeting for all. Microsoft is releasing the ability for meeting organizers to end a meeting for all participants with the click of a button. Meeting organizers can now find an option to “end meeting” in the meeting control bar options.

@Jeffrey Allen  Is it possible to get back to a meeting after leaving it if I'm the organizer? Thanks for the response 

@chrysa_40, if you just leave then you can go back in by clicking the join meeting button again.  End the meeting is different than hanging up in a meeting as end the meeting ends it for all participants.

@Jeffrey Allen 

That is good news as far as it goes. A meeting can now be terminated by the organizer, yes, but only if the meeting was started spontaneously. If a meeting is planned ahead of time using the meeting calendar of teams, it can still NOT be terminated as a whole. What you can terminate is only the active session of such a meeting. For both organizer and participants can always re-join that meeting and start a new session of the planned meeting. In other words, they can re-join or reactivate a meeting that took place weeks or months ago.

@Beat Affentranger, that's true, they could rejoin afterwards but it does end it and not sure how many would go back.  Hopefully a better end meeting will be developed.


you can remove the linger-on participants then hang-up.

The option to end meeting doesn't show up if you did not start the meeting even you're the organiser.

@SB_AS  so when i hang up and classes  over and i am still talking to someone and hanged up and i want to call again how can i get back in there so i can talk to that person