Teams login keeps using old organization SSO (classic, Mac)

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I’m running Teams classic on my Mac (because there doesn’t seem to be a personal use version of the new Teams). I used to use it with my prior job, now I want to use a personal credential. However, it keeps popping up a SSO (single sign-on) modal to authenticate with my prior organization, where I no longer work. There is no way to cancel or use an alternative, personal credential. Trying to close the modal does nor resolve the issue. 


What the heck? How do I tell Teams classic (Mac) to stop using SSO from the old org?






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You can try resolving this issue by clearing cached credentials on your Mac. Navigate to the Keychain Access application, search for any entries related to your old organization or Teams, and delete them. Additionally, check Teams' settings for any lingering organizational configurations and update them with your new personal credentials.

If the problem persists, consider reinstalling Teams classic on your Mac to start fresh with the correct credentials.

@LawanIdriss I should have added -- I have uninstalled and reinstalled Teams, half a dozen times. Same results every time -- this desire to use Teams with a corporate SSO is not coming from the application package. 


The corporate SSO modal is one I used to see anytime I tried using corporate properties requiring authentication. I don't know why Teams is invoking it or where this is stored.


Keychain Access is an interesting idea. I searched Keychain for my company name but only found web form passwords, which I removed, but did nothing. Searching "teams" there are a few more items:


Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 6.45.42 PM.png can't delete them until you delete Teams from Applications. Which I did, came back and deleted them, then re-installed the Teams_osx.pkg package. Opened Teams....same thing, corporate SSO modal for a company I don't work for. 


When I close the corporate SSO modal via the red-circle window closer, it brings me here in Teams:

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 6.37.49 PM.png

...but clicking "signing out" does nothing, Teams does absolutely nothing. 


Clicking Teams > Settings from the menu bar does nothing, no UI opens or loads or appears. 


Quite annoying.

Ok got it -- found this post:


...had to delete the Teams folder:


~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/


...reboot, re-install. Works!


So many apps storing stuff outside their application package, making the Mac-native way of removing an app (delete app from Applications) ineffective due to the cruft strewn about.