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Hello, Just started testing out Microsoft Teams Live Events.  One question we received was if it was possible to display multiple presenters like in a split screen?  As the producer I am able to just display one person on the live feed.  Wasn't sure if it was a feature so that attendees would see both presenters.  Thanks for the help.

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Thanks for the follow up. Hopefully they will add that functionality soon to get them to the Zoom Webinar status.



one work around to this but can add a bit more complexity & moves alot of the production function outside of Teams itself , is to use a virtual webcam program and have that as your webcam. For example has the ability to attach several IP cams together, you can arrange them on screen in the format you like and have that as a single webcam feed into Teams Live Event.


Fully agree though that this is a much needed feature in Teams and hopefully it is something that will come soon - get the feeling the Teams development team is quite overwhelmed with things currently though!

That option would be so cool to have it for creating Webinars. Will make Microsoft be on the top. @OCA619 

use OBS to share multiple cameras/screen in teams live event. enable NDI in Teams Admin Center, use obs-ndi to get the each teams live event webcam and content separately then display the content as you want then start virtual camera in OBS > switch camera in live event, this will display the OBS output > send Live and start the session :) awesome...

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@OCA619 anyone have an idea when Teams Live Meeting will be releasing the feature to allow you to show multiple speakers on screen simultaneously?  Hard to have a panel discussion or interview when only one person can be shown at a time.



This will be a great feature. It's 2022 now and I really look forward to seeing this addition to the next update.