Teams Live Event: How to invite an external user as presenter

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A user in my organization is the host (producer) of a Teams live event, but we're having trouble getting an external user to be a presenter.


An external user means "a user who uses paid Office365 and belongs to particular outside organization (tenant)".


First of all, we have confirmed that a free account user who does not belong to any organizations (tenants), by inviting them in a particular team in my organization(tenant),  can become a presenter by clicking the URL link for presenters.

That is to say, if you are not a member of any organizations, joining a team will automatically create a guest account in the tenant and give you the privilege of being a presenter.


When I try the same thing with an Office365 user who belongs to a particular organization (tenant), when clicking the presenter's URL, they were joined with an attendee (viewer)'s view for some reason.


Are there any ways to put an external user as a presenter who belongs to an organization?

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If they are a guest and that guest account is invited as a presenter, it should work. Although make sure the user is clicking the link using the DESKTOP version of Teams
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Once they are a guest in your tenant, usually to any team, can be removed after, but they must be able to "tenant switch" via the client to your tenant, before clicking to join the live event. That switch is the key part. Once they are in your tenant then good to go.

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I understand we can invite a guest as a producer once they are in our tenant.

However, this principle doesn't work for "external user" that is already in another tenant and invited to our tenant.

That's correct, the user must be invited as a guest to the tenant at some point prior to the event and sent a producer/presenter link and they must tenant switch before joining the Live Event. .
So we can set a user, who belongs to an external Office 365 tenant, as producer once we send the link and they switch the tenant ?

Long as they are a guest and have been invited to a team in your tenant previously yes.

@Chris Webb 


Thanks! Double-checked and confirmed!!

@Chris Webb how exactly fo you check which tenant you are in and how do you change tenants? Thanks!