Teams keeps asking for sign in

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Hi all! I want to have Microsoft Teams installed on my Android phone, but only sign in when there's a pressing issue to respond to. I have Teams installed on phone, but when I'm signed out, the Teams app about once a day interrupts whatever I'm doing, and takes me to the sign in page on its own. 


This behavior is quite bothersome, as the teams app doesn't seem to respect my desire to remain signed out of the app. 


Is there any way to prevent the sign-in page from popping up on its own? 


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Possibly download Microsoft Authentication app. It usually piggy backs off that. It might work better that way, but honestly, staying signed out seems counter productive. You should probably just set a permanent "Quiet Hours" in the app, if you just don't want to get bothered.


I am running Teams on a Pixel 2 and I do not believe the app ever ask me to sign in when I logout.  I just log back into the app a week ago.  I am on version 1416/ on Teams and Android version 9 with Android security patch level from July 5, 2019.  I will logout thru the weekend and update on Monday,


I signed out from Teams on my Pixel 2 on Friday and left the app running in the back ground and it did not prompt me to sign in.  If it is continue to be an issue with you, try stopping the app from running in the back ground after you logout.  Hope this help.

unfortunately "stopping the app from running" does not help, after entering phone pin, teams nearly always jump to foreground and ask for login, I'm already considering it is necessary to uninstall instead of simple logout

@Chris Webb   I was just reading this thread.   I set quiet hours.  Teams forgot them.  I set them again. Maybe they will stick this time.  If I take a day off, I can't shut the notifications up without going and editing my quiet hours, then have to remember to unedit them.  Much easier to stop the app. Too bad it won't shut up.  I'll try force-closing it and see if that works. It's really arrogant of Microsoft to assume that I want to be signed into a work app all the time. 

@lukas745Same here on my Android, very annoying. I have it installed on my phone probably for a similar reason as you. I only need it when traveling or for After Hours Emergency support. I stay signed in all day on my laptop so I don't need it running on my phone as well. 

I'm on android and teams asks for a code daily even if I haven't log outed.

@lukas745 I'm using Teams app on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 and now Manjaro). I have to sign in to microsoft teams everyday. This issue exists from an year now. 


 Inspite of selecting "Yes", MS Teams asks for sign in everyday. :(

Same for me here, Android11 (LineageOS 18) on OnePlus 7T, Teams is 'to often' asking me for password. Is there a SOLUTION for not beeing a pain in the neck?
Thanks a LOT!