Teams is trash

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No one works anymore, otherwise I would have a chat box in my meeting right now. Zoom must be bleeding edge technology to have chat in their meetings. Microsoft market cap is 2 trillion, but a chat box in Teams is just...too much for them to handle. "Clear your cache" "Download the desktop app" blah blah blah. Have never had this problem with ANY OTHER PLATFORM. It's not me, it's you. Is this the decade when Microsoft finally gets it together?

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@jsmith5464 Not trying to defend Microsoft here but I personally enjoy working in Teams. Anyways, just to clarify something here; all Microsoft Teams meetings have a chat box, whether you're having 1:1 meeting, channel meeting, Teams meeting through outlook, a webinar, a live events...etc. all MS Teams meeting have a chat box for members to use during the meeting, UNLESS the chat box was disabled on purpose by an IT administrator (Teams admin) through a meeting policy or by the meeting organizer if they were allowed to do so by the Teams administrator. these are simple settings that can be checked and changed by anyone with access to the Teams admin center or even by a help desk support team if they can access your Teams and outlook meeting settings.



There were people in the meeting who had chat available to them and people who did not. It was totally random. I understand it is a simple fix. It's always a simple fix. But these simple problems just can't help but simply crop up and cannot be simply fixed until after the meeting. If it is so simple why do these issues exist at all? 


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I understand your frustration but I highly recommend reporting this to your M365 administrators. Have them check to see if there are custom meeting policies in place assigned to certain users including yourself that can affect your Teams meeting experience, otherwise, this inconsistent behavior is unusual to have, I don't recall having to deal with anything similar for meetings between internal users (all from the same company) but it can happen if the organizer is a guest user (from external organization) and that org have applied certain rules on their meetings that can cause this type of behavior.

@jsmith5464  By some chance, are the people who don't have access to chat "guests" in your organization?  Teams is set up to limit guest access, but you can fix that: Guest access in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs