Teams invite problem, not appearing in teams

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I am getting teams meeting invites from a company who use teams internally and it has no link to join the meeting. Other invites I have from elsewhere have a link to join meeting.


They keep sending the same invite which they say everyone else access no problem.

I open the link in my email (Personal email using the mail app on my PC) and I can accept the invite which then disappears, but nothing appears on my Teams calendar so I have no way to access the meeting. I can recover the invite from deleted items, but still have no way to access the meeting.

How can I get it to link to Teams?

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@Graemacdonald Open the calendar app on your PC, as that's where it will go if you accept it in the mail app, I would suggest that this is some different calendar to the one you are looking at in Teams.

Thank you,

I have now found it in the calendar app (though the email it shows comes up looking like programming language not the email that was sent.) but how do I sync this to Teams?

@Graemacdonald you shouldn't need to, just find the link in the message and click it, then Teams will open and join the meeting.

@Steven Collier 

That is the problem I am having, there is no link.

Usually I have a link to click, but I am not getting a link on the invite.

They are telling me everyone else is getting it ok.

@Graemacdonald What are you getting on the email? Which email service and apps are you using, could they be changing how the message displays?

It is a calendar invite email, usually there is the link at the bottom that says click here to join the meeting, but not on these.
I am using a btinternet address through both Gmail, windows mail, and their web app. They all show the same.
The company that is sending it uses Teams internally and they say mine is coming up differently to theirs and to the other people on the invite outside their business.
I dont know if it might be the problem, but my teams uses a different email to the one they are sending it to. With the link it doesn't usually matter.
I have added the correct email account to teams as a personal account so they both show, but it is still not working.
Thankyou for your help so far.

@Graemacdonald If you email provider/gmail is somehow modifying the message so you don't have a link then I'm afraid you are going to need to look at your configurations there to see why they are doing that. Teams sends the same message to everyone in the meeting, it's not making some kind of special email for you that has the link missing.