Teams incoming Webhook error 403 & 401

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I'm setting up a Teams incoming webhook.

Work done so far:

  1. Modify Teams app policy for admins to allow Incoming Webhook app
  2. Create new channel in Teams 'webhook test'
  3. Added incoming webhook connecter app to channel

Curl test:

Webhook message delivery failed with error: Microsoft Teams endpoint returned HTTP error 403 with ContextId tcid=0,server=msgapi-production-eus-azsc2-4-94,cv=uImyuiqzxxxxxxxbWzQ.001=2..


POST test:

...failed with status code 401(Unauthorized) and reason {"Message":"STI server YQBPRxxxxxxx9853 failed to process request...


Are there any more permissions/settings that need to be configured in order to get incoming webhook connectors working? Do I need to allow the Incoming Webhook app org wide, instead of just allowing a specific user group to add/manage incoming webhooks?




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@st84 Could it be that there is a firewall inbetween?

The Teams documentation doesn't mention any ports needing to be opened for webhooks to work. Also, which firewall would/could that be anyways, if one is running/using Teams webapp? 

Shouldn't incoming webhooks work by default, provided the app is allowed and installed?

Incoming Webhook has some problems since yesterday.