Teams headset test okay not working in call

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I have problems with using my headset in Teams. When I select the appropiate device and start a test conversation, both speaker and microphone work fine.


However if I start a real conversation, I cannot hear the other nor can the other hear me. The problem persists after restarting Teams and even after a full system restart.


Any suggestions?


Thanks for your time!

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I'm having this same issue with a SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 wireless, sound works fine for everything, and I can record fine from a Teams test call (via device settings) but once I'm in a real call the mic no longer functions.

@Woestijnrat have you been able to solve this? I've had a really hard time getting my Shokz headphones to operate properly with a new work PC. I do a test call within Teams, and it works fine... but when I do a real call on Teams, the other person can hear me, but I can't hear anyone.


Would know what you did to solve this (if you have).



HI @MikeKnut -- I see your comment is much more current than the original post... wondering if you were able to solve this? I'm having a similar problem.


So after a LOT of wasted time, I'm fairly sure the issues lie with enumeration security settings and bluetooth on my system (corporate owned). I quite trying to connect the headset with Bluetooth and instead used the USB A -> USB C adapter cable and plugged my dongle into it, after authenticating the headset would be recognized and work normal in all apps.  

@MikeKnut thanks a lot for that. Funny (or not), I started with the USB dongle, where I couldn't hear or be heard, then tried with a bluetooth connection -- where I can be heard but cannot hear. Super frustrating... I'll try a couple of more things and then give up and return the headset. It's a shame, because I don't think there's anything wrong with the headset... I think you're right that it has to be some kind of security setting on my corporate laptop.