Teams Group Email Address issues

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We have a user who created a teams group TEAM1


Owners of the group are able to email the team1 @ domain email address and have the message go through to the team.


Members of the group are not able to do so. The teams channel is set to allow anyone to email and the global setting to do so is also on. In any case nowhere in the docs do I see an option to restrict it to owners only, just everyone, team members or by domain.


Anyone have any hints to where I should be looking on this issue?

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Sending an email to the Team/Group address and sending an email to a channel are two different things, which one are you having issues with? For the Team/Group scenario, check the delivery restriction settings configured on the group mailbox:

Get-UnifiedGroup groupname | fl accept*
It should be to the teams address

results of that are:

AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom : {}
AcceptMessagesOnlyFromDLMembers : {}
AcceptMessagesOnlyFromSendersOrMembers : {}
Still don't see a reason this would be being blocked.
Are you getting any sort of an NDR/error message? What does message trace show?
Sorry for the delay, apparently I misunderstood what exactly the user was expecting to happen.

The messages from owners are going to the Teams Group within outlook but the messages from members are not. Of course now I'm more confused because as far as I'm aware these are the only people in the whole org using teams groups in outlook this way.
@TRHWPG have you look at the subscription piece? Beyond being a member, there's an option to be subscribed to an M365 Group Mailbox (for email delivery to the Team's email address (not channel address)). I don't recall what the default is in any org, but our standard config in our org is that the all new members are automatically also made subscribers. This is a feature unique to M365 Groups in that you can be a member and 'unsubscribe' meaning that your personal inbox won't be flooded with individual emails addressed to the group, however you are still a full member in effect with M365 group privileges such as sending on behalf of the group mailbox, or going to the Group mailbox in Outlook (again, unsubscribing just stops the message going to your personal inbox, and it's a user self-service setting that is toggled by the end user themselves). ..... unless youre configuration doesn't automatically add new users as subscribers and then there's some rectification to do. I know there's a way to do it in powershell but I did it a while ago and 🤦🏻‍:male_sign: have not been able to find my code so I am gonna have to reproduce it at some point. But it's doable that way, or by sending a job aid/PDF explaining the process to people and emailing it to them, hoping they'll follow the instructions and bother to check.
Interesting thought, however the problem is that the emails from members don't go through at all to anyone. All the members get the email as long as it's sent by a group owner.
Making the group visible in outlook appears to have solved the issue they were having. Wasn't exactly transparent though :(