Teams email fwding: Access to Sharepoint is denied

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 I'm getting the above outlook response from fwding an email to a Team email address. Persists whether or not there is an attachment and between teams in the group. Any help is appreciated!


"Could not create the email message on Microsoft Teams: Access to SharePoint site has been denied."

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I encounter the same Problem since February leading us to not recieve automatic E-Mails from out ticketing-System.

Have you found a solution for it, yet?

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@Justin Jacob I'm not entirely sure if this is what fixed it on my end, but it seemed to stop happening when I did the following:

Opened Teams>navigated to the team experiencing the issue>clicked on "Files" on the top navigation bar and waited for the files to load. 


After that the issue went away.


Let me know if that fixes the issue for you, as if it does that can be the accepted answer to this question.


Edit: The same problem came up again in my org, and the above method works.

thanks. This worked for me too. To add one thing, forwarding to a specific teams channel email address was working (confirmed in "advanced settings" that it would accept from anywhere). But then I added some transport rules in EAC, one of which overlapped a string in the contact alias I'd set up for this specific channel email. When I fixed the EAC rule problem so the rule was more precise, emails to the channel from external accounts not in my primary domain started working again. But I was still having the same trouble forwarding from an internal address, oddly enough. Until I clicked on Files like you said, which fixed it. Voodoo magic!