Teams client upgrade for all the Windows 1o Systems available in my organization

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Hello Team, I'm planning to upgrade Teams client : from version  to Version We are not allowing microsoft to update automatically , so we need to deploy the latest client in all the system. Please let us know which process i can follow ? Since I'm new this , please suggest step by step by approach


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Hi @KrisSub2023,

Here's an idea for deploying the latest Microsoft Teams client ( to all Windows 10 systems in your organization:

1. Get the Latest Teams Client Installer:
- Download the latest Teams client installer suitable for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Teams website

Update history for Teams App Version (Desktop & Mac) (listed by date) - Office release notes | Micro...

2. Prepare the Deployment:
- Ensure you have administrative privileges on the systems for deployment.
- Create a network share or folder accessible to all target systems where you can store the Teams installer.

3. Create a Deployment Package:
- Copy the downloaded Teams client installer to the designated network share or folder.

4. Choose a Deployment Method:
- Decide whether to use Group Policy or Configuration Manager for deployment, depending on your organization's setup.

5. Deploy using Group Policy (for Example):
- Open the Group Policy Management console on a domain controller or administrative system.
- Create a new Group Policy Object (GPO) or use an existing one.
- Navigate to "Computer Configuration" > "Policies" > "Software Settings".
- Right-click on "Software installation" and select "New" > "Package".
- Browse to the network share or folder containing the Teams installer and select it.
- Choose the deployment method (assigned or published) and follow the prompts to complete the deployment.

6. Deploy using Configuration Manager (also for Example):
- Open the Configuration Manager console.
- Create a new application or package using the Teams client installer as the source file.
- Configure the deployment type, requirements, and dependencies.
- Deploy the application or package to the target collection of Windows 10 systems.

7. Test and Monitor the Deployment:
- Begin by deploying the Teams client to a test group of systems.
- Monitor the deployment process to ensure it completes successfully.
- Verify that the Teams client is installed and functioning as expected on the test systems.
- Once validated, proceed with deploying the Teams client to the remaining Windows 10 systems.


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