Teams Chat not available - Chatting over Contact is working

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Hey Guys,


Our Teams Client is a little bit confused.

I can't write users over the Teams Client! If i write them over User-> Message to User, i can send him Messages. Also over the Teams POP-UP Windows i can send him a quick respond.


Teams no Chat.png

Can someone can give me a tip what can solve the Issue?







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@RauschNauti is it the same in the browser as the desktop client? Sometime the client caches information incorrectly for a period.

yes in the Browser same "Message".
Is there any Setting? Coexistence Mode can be changed to Island, but i donkt think, that this will be the solution.

@RauschNauti I have the same problem, did you find any solution and can you share that with me? Thanks!


Same problem here. Except for one thing - we are migrating from Skype for business (on-premise) to Teams. But if I turn on Teams only mode for specific users, they can't chat with external contacts anyway. Also if I try to search external user by e-mail, it doesn't find anyone.