Teams Chat messages not showing up

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After the latest windows update Microsoft Team's chat area not showing up the messages. I tried re-installing teams but no luck. Can anyone help me out




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@Gnaniyar  is it something with your desktop client or is it something with your account, have you check that on another computer, mobile or even the web version.


Also what particular windows 10 update you have done it is a version update or any patches updates?

@PDostiyarYou are correct. It is not working on my personal computer. But I am able to get that area on my mobile as well my office machine. 

I am also not sure of what was the windows update that was installed on my machine. What else I can do to resolve this ?




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Reinstalling won’t help most often but a full logout / login might! Other wise close Teams, delete these files/folders and restart teams

@adam deltinger Thank you so much. I followed the steps from the link that you have shared and the issue got resolved. I got my chat area back :smile:




@Gnaniyar  Thanks for the confirmation, Also Thank you @adam deltinger  for the link and details shared...

@adam deltinger  thank you so much! This has helped me so much :D

After downloading Microsoft teams app
It doesn't show chat Box I am not able to see chats sent to me

@Gnaniyar what a sh!t app this turns out to be...