Teams Channel Banner Notifications Preview


Currently Teams channel banner notifications (the ones that popup on the desktop - unless these are the feed notifications) do not provide a preview of the message that has been posted in the channel.  Even if you @ a user from within the channel this is the case.


Private conversations or group conversations however do show the  preview message but lack many features that are available within Teams channels.


Is this an option perhaps within Azure, or an option not currently available?  Either way - this needs to be added at minimum to the channel/team owner's settings to modify.  We have a large user base and is a primary reason for using group conversations.  It unfortunately means often having 2 separate conversations going for the exact same group:  1 as a group chat, 1 as a Team's channel.


Please let me know if there is a way to configure this.  If it requires Admin rights, that's fine.  We can always submit the request to our Managers/Admins but we likely will have to tell them where the options are and how to configure them.

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100% agree and unfortunately you cannot change it. This needs to be a sub option in the notification settings to customize the banner.

They really need to fix that.  Really super annoying.  The dumb crap my team and I send back and forth doesn't need to be popping up.  Message from is all that's needed. 



@J-CarlosF I agree completely. Slack has this and it saves so much time. Its quite annoying to have to check teams every time someone replies with "ok" or gives a thumbs up.  Please make this an option to turn on or off.

Anyone heard of a solution for this one?

Other than Slack.
Agree! There needs to be an option to show the message preview in the banner pop up for all messages in the Teams Channel. Right now, only the Personal chats allow a preview of what was written to show in the banner pop ups. We shouldn't have to give a mention to enable the preview. There needs to be an option for this.
Agree 100% Does anyone know if there is an open enhancement request for this?
Please add this feature because the current generic pop-up is useless, and having to switch over constantly is very inefficient.