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I'm looking for clarification on whether it's possible to amend a private channel URL once it has been created. As an example, I have the following SharePoint site: MyTestSite - MainSite, with the URL being


The site has 3 private channels, named as follows:

01 - CurrentLongURL []

02 - CurrentLongURL2 []

03 - CurrentLongURL3 []


When we create the private channel it takes the URL of the SharePoint site and then the name of the private channel to create the Private Channel URL. Is there a way to change the URL of the Private channel? We've changed the URL of the top-level SharePoint site to be shorter [], however the URL of the private channels doesn't seem to be updatable from the SharePoint or Teams admin centres. 


What I want to know is, is there a simple way to update the private channel URLs (any known scripts) or would it be a case of manually creating new Private Channels with a suitable name so that the URL is short, then renaming the Private Channel name post-creation to something referenceable?


Issues we are experiencing as a result of the URL being too long:

  • Issues moving / adding files
  • Missing / empty folders when zipped from sharepoint/teams

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As far as i know it is not possible to change the URL'S of private Channels

@LexPage23try creating a new channel, then navigate through that channel's tabs (i.e. "Files" or "Wiki"). i was able to resolve a similar scenario caused by an ampersand in a group name effectively breaking the "Files" tab. I changed the URL of the site and eventually had to create a "test" channel, navigate to that channel's files tab, and that fixed the URL for the Files tab of the original channel. I was then able to delete the test channel and everything seemed to work fine.


Drew the conclusion from info in this article ( that said when a site was renamed to go to the Files tab of ANY channel. Since the existing one was broke, I created the test channel to see if that would do the trick and it did.


Hope this helps!