Teams camera too dark

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My teams camera is to dark and has wierd contrast. Camera works fine in other apps like Skype.

Please let me know if there is any fix.

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Still no comment from Microsoft? Go figure

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I have had this issues on some client machines, the only "Workaround" that I have found that works is:


Open Teams and join the meeting with the camera on (This will join the meeting with the video dark)

Once the meeting is joined.

Open the windows 10 Camera App (Should be installed by default with windows 10) and once the app opens this should automatically readjust your team camera darkness \ settings and should appear as normal.

Hope this helps in the meanwhile until this issues is resolved by Microsoft... 


Just recently I have also rolled back the drivers for the integrated camera in device manager and this seems to have resolved the issue.... Currently testing but will update in a couple of days


This is what It rolled back to once I did a roll back driver





@ITWorker You cannot open the camera app in Win 10 if the camera is already being used by another app (e.g. Teams). What you suggest is not possible.


And do you have an update on the driver update as you said?

@redrook I don't know what to tell you but running the camera app in Win 10 and Teams is possible.... As its the work around I was using on a couple of machines.


I have had mixed results with the divers. On one device it has worked fine, on another uninstalling the  driver from device manager and then that worked and others units are still not working at all... unless I open the camera app in Win 10 and Teams at the same time.


It is very inconclusive to my finding.

It's not possible to have the camera on for Teams and on for the app. You can have Teams open along with the camera app, sure, but the camera can't be on. At least for me it isnt possible to have two apps accessing the camera at once.
So you have opened teams and joined a meeting with you camera on?
Then once you have joined the meeting with your camera on you have opened up the default win10 camera app. Has this made you camera lighter \ back to normal or is it still dark?


Go to settings in camera app and turn on pro mode. This should allow you to adjust brightness from an icon on the left side of video. This will also effect teams video brightness. :)


Also make sure you have the webcam that you want to use selected.

This has no affect on Teams. The camera app is completely unrelated to Teams. Teams needs its own settings for how it uses the camera.
No. When opening the camera app it says "camera already in use by another program" or something similar. It is not possible to have two applications actively using the camera at once. It is not even physically possible unless you have two cameras.

@redrook  Not sure why this worked for me, but it did.


Also adjusting video settings in Skype works for Teams too, apparently. 

@AstonLester, Turn off your camera in Teams, then put the Camera app. Press the settings and put Advanced Settings. Press the circle with the plus and minus and put your brightness higher and close the app and test the camera. Good day.

@RobloxianMan13660I just tried this during a Teams meeting, it did nothing. Absolutely no difference. Because Teams controls the camera settings itself, the camera app and Teams do not speak to each other. This workaround DOES NOT WORK. Microsoft need to include camera settings in the Teams app. 


Have the same problem. I use the webam settings in Skype, change the settings, press default and then apply. That works for me, at least on my private computer.


I have no other clue to what it might be

@TwoAngel This has an effect on your Teams camera?


Not an option for people without Skype on their work computers in any case.

Hi, yes it helped. Other than that, one might just have to find camera options, fiddle them, press default and apply. That resets camera with the settings. At least for me .
As surprising as this is.... it actually works. Although teams should have its own settings.

@ITWorker My camera keeps fading in and out from bright to dark. Is there a setting change that can be applied to mitigate this?


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