Teams camera shows Black screen - Mac - Works in other apps/tried reset/install

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Since yesterday my teams app displays a black screen when I try to use my camera, it was working earlier during the day, no settings were changed at all. 

I tried a fresh install, I tried resetting the app permissions, I tried turning off the GPU setting.


Any ideas? 


The camera does work in chrome on teams and it also works in Zoom etc. (I also tried to disable all permissions except for Teams, which did also not work).

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Got it to work my first opening teams in google Chrome, open the screen to join the meeting, which does display the camera in the browser.
Then before joining open up the Teams application, join the same meeting, camera should load and you can join with the application and working camera.

No clue why this has to be done this way but for now it's working.



I have the same issue. If I quit the Teams application completely (Command Q or exit) then start teams again, it will work for 1 or 2 meetings, then it is black again. A restart of Teams fixes it, but I am hoping someone can get this working in Teams. As you noted, the camera continues working in all my other apps as well. It is just Teams.

I have bee having this issue for that past 2-3 weeks now. @DucoDV 

Hi @TruesonD Does this past post related to the issue you are having? check out best response and subsequent responses. Re: Weird error - camera showing black and white - Page 3 - Microsoft Tech Community



Or this unverified article? [SOLVED] Microsoft Teams Black Screen Issues (2022) (


If this doesn't help, try reaching out to for personalized troubleshooting assistance from authorized Microsoft agents.

@Therese_Solimeno both those links relate to Windows machines

did anyone manage to get this fixed somehow? i am having the same problem
i'm on macos ventura