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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Teams camera recognition MacOS

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Sony has recently released webcam software to have their cameras be recognized as webcams on windows and MacOS. On Windows, their cameras are recognized on Teams once their software has been installed. On MacOS, this is not the case. Zoom and Google Meet work fine with their cameras on MacOS, so what's the deal?

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Hello there.  I would suggest this is probably more a question for an Apple or a Sony forum or support mechanism.  Have you tried these avenues at all please?

@PeterRising @EdelTech Just starting to use the Sony Webcam software and seeing that it is not working for Teams. Wish that someone at Teams would take ownership of this device integration expectation.

I created an idea on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice site. Please upvote if you want them to see and make this integration a priority.


Here's the link:

@PeterRising Respectfully - the issue doesn't seem to be with MacOS.  In every other program the sony software works splendidly.  It is only an issue in Teams.  Microsoft, G-d bless them, has a long history of making their Mac versions of the software second class citizens to the PC version.  I understand why, but this is certainly an example of that.  Not of Apple or Sony not doing their due dilligence.